What is gaming simple words?

This term refers to additional enemies that usually appear during encounters with a boss. Often you have to balance the additions and hurt the boss. AFK stands for Away from the Keyboard. This means that a player is temporarily unavailable.

AdE, or area of effect, refers to attacks or abilities that affect a certain area. This contrasts with abilities that only hit one target, such as a rifle. Usually, you'll see a circle or other indication of where the ability is currently in effect. Bots, CPUs, and computers refer to non-human opponents in multiplayer games.

Some multiplayer titles allow you to play the game modes alone or with friends in the local multiplayer mode against bots. A bullet sponge refers to an enemy that takes too much damage to kill him (because it absorbs damage like a sponge). For example, an enemy that you expect to kill with a few shots, and who actually ends up with several chargers to defeat him, is a bullet sponge. Camping refers to sitting in one place, rather than wandering around the map all the time.

People who do this are known as campers, and they do so to gain an advantage over other players. It is usually used in online shooters such as Call of Duty. Some developers don't like mods, while others appreciate them and even include ways to search for mods in their games. MMORPG is a related term (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) and describes games in which this aspect goes to the next level, with a large number of players converging in a game and a world determined to play online.

NPC, which stands for non-player character (or non-playable character), refers to any character that you don't control in a game. COD Abbreviation for Call of Duty, one of the most popular first-person shooters in history. A sandbox game refers to a title that has an extremely open ending and therefore allows the player to do whatever they want. Titles like Minecraft are perfect examples, although even games like Grand Theft Auto V, with a good amount of player freedom, are sometimes also considered sandboxes.

XP This game term means “experience points”; they are used to measure your progress in a game. NPCs usually have pre-established actions and behaviors, and can be fundamental to a game or simply disposable characters. A button masher can refer negatively to a game in which you don't need to strategise and you can press random buttons to win, or to someone who plays a game this way. MMORPG stands for “massively multiplayer online role-playing game”; they are usually science fiction or fantasy games (World of Warcraft is a good example) that allow players to interact with a large number of other players.

Failures can cause your character to get stuck in a wall, cause enemies to behave strangely, or even freeze the game completely. Matchmaking The process by which a game assigns players against each other, usually taking into account skill level and ranking. Another type, input lag, occurs when the game doesn't respond to the buttons you press quickly enough. MP, an acronym for magic points or mana points, is the resource you need to use spells and other special abilities in some games (often role-playing games).

They are usually story-rich games with immersive worlds, in which your character has a variety of statistics and items that you increase by fighting monsters and completing missions. A smurf account in an online game refers to an expert player who creates a secondary account to play against lower-ranked players. .

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