What are the five benefits of playing games?

In fact, video games can improve your eyesight. Playing can improve your coordination. video games can help you make better decisions. Playing games can reduce stress and help with depression.

Since the rise of home video games, players have enjoyed a variety of ambitious, complex and challenging games. Today's video games are light years away from those that people played in the 1970s and 1980s in game rooms and later at home. Now, there is increasing evidence that video games provide benefits to players that go beyond simple entertainment. Playing video games can make a person feel young, but games can also prevent them from aging.

Problem solving games, also known as mind games, force the player to think about and solve the components of the puzzle. Mind games can improve memory and have positive effects on older people. One study found that 10 hours of mental play produced an increase in cognitive functioning in players aged 50 and over. Reportedly, the improvements lasted for years.

Video games have been shown to affect the parts of the brain responsible for memory formation, spatial orientation, strategic planning and fine motor skills. Specific regions of the brain can be trained by playing video games. Not even Hollywood can compete with an industry that has 2.5 billion players in the world, especially with hits like Fortnite, which has 139 million active players. For students who find the classroom challenging, having a game where they can show their creativity is a great advantage.

Games can be fun, but they can help players develop to achieve a great career in the future or even improve their health. Research has shown that gamers can show leadership traits and motivations in real-world environments thanks to video games. According to the California organization Institute for the Future (IFTF), multiplayer games promote teamwork in solving problems. However, the benefits of video games include improved ability to concentrate, creativity, memory, languages and teamwork.

Researchers at the University of California, Irvine discovered that playing video games can increase memory capacity. Lara Croft may not know it, but her legendary PlayStation adventures have done more for archaeology than many textbooks. Players can also more easily adapt to real-world challenges thanks to improvisation during the game. The review found that, in 38 studies, video games increased health outcomes for 195 patients.

That's why, when it comes to video games, moderation is key, because in addition to improving learning skills, there are other benefits.

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