What can i say instead of games?

Synonyms of game-tournament, competition, event, match, championship, contest, sport, tournament. However, remember the language you hear in the games in REAL English. Therefore, it's also ideal for developing your general vocabulary. Here, we'll focus not only on learning the meaning of new words, but also on how to use them.

We will be added to our word lists frequently. You can also suggest words for us to explain to you. AFK — “away from the keyboard. In other words, the player is not available or is not active in the game.

If you go to the bathroom while playing, you're AFK. When you come back, you're “back”, “back on the keyboard”. WATCH VIDEO) Brother (noun): an informal way of saying “friend, a good male friend”. It is often used with strangers in video games.

(WATCH VIDEO) Booster (noun): a strengthening of a character's power or abilities. (WATCH VIDEO) Error (noun): error in game design or computer programming. Errors can be minor and are easily solved in important problems, which greatly affects the game (WATCH VIDEO) Carry (verb): to use your skill as a player to help one or more teammates compete successfully (WATCH VIDEO) Combo (noun) — Combination. A quick series of attack actions against an enemy Dope (noun): something that is really good, impressive, great (WATCH VIDEO) Friend (noun) — Man, uncle.

What do you call someone, usually a man. Similar to “Brother (WATCH VIDEO) Epic — (adjective) — Long and difficult, but extremely good or fun (WATCH VIDEO) Agriculture — (noun) Gather or collect items that make the player stronger and more powerful (WATCH VIDEO) First-person shooter, FPS (noun) — A shooting game in which the camera looks through the eyes of your character GG — Good game. You're telling your teammate or your opponent that they played well. Failure: (noun) a small problem or error that prevents something from working properly.

(WATCH VIDEO) Goosebumps: (noun) the spots that appear on the skin when you feel cold, afraid or excited. WATCH VIDEO) Shred — (verb) to do something difficult for a long time, try to achieve something or as part of a job (WATCH VIDEO) Indie (adj) — “Independently produced game meaning a game created by a small company or team instead of a giant gaming company Inventory (noun): a menu or area of the screen where objects (equipment, weapons, materials, etc.) appear. (Watch video) Items: things that players can collect and use during a game, e.g. e.g.

Delay (verb, noun): having a slower Internet connection than normal, making it difficult to compete with other players in video games; falling behind, perhaps because of moving or working too slowly; (of a machine or system) not being up to date. WATCH VIDEO) Let's go (expression): an expression used by video game players after successfully doing something, e.g. (WATCH VIDEO) Equipment (noun): the set of weapons, ammunition and other items that a video game player has to fight. WATCH VIDEO) Loot (noun): items you need to survive, p.

Weapons, medicines, equipment or all kinds of construction materials, etc. (Watch video) Plunder (verb): to gather the items you need. Rugs (noun): materials used to make things, e.g. In the video game Fortnite.

That spreads very quickly. Goal (noun): “The most effective tactics available” are the best methods available to win or succeed in a game. (Watch video) Mission (noun): important work entrusted to a person or group of people. It often involves travel, even space travel.

(Watch video) Nerf (noun, verb) — Weakening a weapon, power or ability of a character”, to reduce the power of a weapon, power or ability (Watch video) Rookie (noun) — (Also “newbie” or “newbie”) A beginner, a person who has no experience with the game being played, or a player with very poor skills. (Watch video) Noob (noun) - (Also “newbie” or “newbie”) A beginner, a person who has no experience with the game being played, or a player who has very few skills. (Watch video) Patch (noun): In video games, a patch repairs weaknesses by correcting errors or making changes to improve a game, e.g. Watch video) Take a look (verb): a quick and secret look at something you shouldn't look at (Watch video) Platform (noun).

For most of us, a “platform” is a flat, raised surface, like the one seen next to the tracks of a train station. For gamers, however, a platform is the type of computer system they use to play their games or the software they use. (Watch video) Push (verb): position in which you are lying with the front of your body touching the floor. Very poorly organized (Watch video) Sick (adj) — very good, great, fun, etc.

(Watch video) Smurfs — (noun) When an experienced player creates a new account for a game and easily defeats inexperienced players Spicy (adjective) — impressive, impressive, looks great (Watch video) STFU — Shut up (stop talking) Streak (noun) — a short period of good or bad luck, p. e.g.,. (Watch video) Stream Sniper (noun): a player who watches another player's broadcast, joins the game and causes problems for the streamer. (Watch video) Sweaty (adjective): (from a game or a situation to a game) very competitive, exciting and stressful (which causes anxiety).

(Watch video) Third-person shooter (noun): shooting game in which the camera looks from behind the character, especially the shoulders of the character Wallbang (verb), to shoot someone through a wall. (Watch video) Vibrations (noun): a state of mind or sensation that you get from a person, a place or, in this case, a video game. This game is great if you're with new people and need to help each other learn names. Sit in a circle and ask everyone to turn around and say their word.

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