What are the benefits of video gaming?

Daphne Bavelier, the study leader, discovered a clear physical benefit of video games, which is an improvement in capacity called the contrast sensitivity function. So even though the experiment didn't involve playing video games, it serves to show that couples who play video games together tend to have happier and healthier relationships. Take a look at the type of video game jobs available to them so they can understand their priorities. While video games don't cure multiple sclerosis, they can be a valuable and life-changing experience for those who suffer from it.

This improved thinking was not found when playing other types of video games, such as puzzles or role-playing games. The benefits of online multiplayer video games include connecting with people all over the world, receiving real-time feedback on their level of play, improving teamwork skills, and establishing relationships with friends. While games are a form of entertainment, with the support and guidance of parents, video games benefit by helping them develop their creativity, foster relationships with friends, and improve strategic thinking. If your child would like to pursue electronic sports (competitive gaming) or help create future video games, start early and help him learn more about the different jobs and opportunities in the gaming industry.

The success of games like Pokémon GO and Just Dance is an example of how games benefit children by motivating them to stay active while they play. The authors also highlighted the possibility that video games are effective tools for learning to be resilient in the face of failure. Players can also involuntarily acquire knowledge while playing video games, the nature of which depends on the video game they are playing. However, let's be clear, there are a number of positive outcomes associated with video games, many of which we have seen first-hand over the past year in our own families.

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