What are the benefits of playing games essay?

Playing sports and games will teach you many skills you need in this difficult life. For example, competing with others is a daily habit that no one would have. For example, competing with others is a daily habit that no one would succeed without. They also teach you how to accept losing and how to try again and again until you achieve your goals.

These are exactly the things that people practice on a daily basis when they play sports and games. Games are activities meant for fun. They are an activity driven by a goal to be achieved. Usually, every game has a set of rules that players follow to reach the winning point.

The games are different for children and adults, although there can be considerable overlap. Games are a way for children to learn as they grow. Some games are also played just for the pleasure of trying your luck. The games can be played individually or by many players.

Games are a good way to spend time actively and entertained at parties. Playing video games has many advantages, such as helping to increase and develop cognitive functions, mental health and, more often than most, they are educational. However, Daphne Bavelier, one of the most experienced researchers in the field, says that violent action games that tend to worry most parents can have the greatest beneficial effect on the brain (Bavelier). Because the matchmaking system was random, players couldn't always get the role they were good at, forcing them to change roles to adapt to the team's needs.

Solution and benefits I propose that this paradigm of play in education go one step further and be used to create a virtual game system, but educational, interactive, in which students can enjoy and learn. From Psychology, from Ryerson University, found that there is no evidence that people who play violent video games have a long-term emotional desensitization to violence in their immediate environment. The above statement can be divided into two parts: the first part pointed out that players are threats to a politician's family, while the second part states that these threats posed by players are even more dangerous than motorcycle gangs. The poor class, the underrepresented people, who succeeded in video games received an admiration that could not be easily obtained outside the world of video games (Meadows).

But Daphne Bavelier, professor of cognitive and brain sciences at the University of Rochester, has found that the most experienced action players perceive small differences in contrast 58 percent better. Video games can help society, people with certain disorders, or improve certain mental problems in many ways. The core argument against violent video games is based on the idea of a long-term negative impact on players. Some video games, such as Tetris, have been shown to have positive effects on space rotation, while games such as Grand Theft.

In another study, those who play action video games on a regular basis can process visual information faster and track 30 percent more objects than non-players. They recognize that there may be a period immediately after playing these violent games in which the player becomes numb, but this is not an effect that can be attributed to increased violence and aggressive behavior in test subjects. Games such as Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto, Doom and others have been blamed for several heinous crimes (Gross).

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