What are professional video gamers called?

Professional player (in the plural, professional players) (video games) A professional video game player; a competitive video game player; an athlete. Gambling) A professional player; a competitive gambling player to win prizes. After his interviews with professional e-sports players, their team coaches, the team manager and the psychological consultant, five different stages of becoming an e-sports player were identified. Although video game competitions have existed for a long time, e-sports experienced a significant transition in the late 1990s.

However, the results of previous studies still raise the question of what motivations are most important in the early stages of becoming an e-sports professional. Each auto racing, baseball, cycling, rowing and sailing event will be managed by a sports governing body recognized by the IOC, together with a video game publisher for that sport. As the publisher or developer of the video game organizes more e-sports competitions and leagues in whole or in part, the continued viability of that game's esports activities depends on that company. In places where e-sports gambling is not officially recognized, the lack of regulation has caused players or third parties to fix games, and has created problems with underage betting due to the attractiveness of video games.

To acquire an e-sports player identity, Seo (201) discovered in field observation sessions and interviews with 10 professional e-sports players that aspiring gamers view video games as an informal leisure activity (i). While it's common for video games to be designed with the player's in-game experience as its sole priority, many successful esports games have been designed to be played professionally from the start. In addition, younger players were more likely to seek professional opportunities as professional esports players than older players with competitive gaming experience. The average compensation of professional e-sports players is not compared to that of the world's leading classic sports organizations.

Previous studies have explored the motivational differences between e-sports and recreational players and the motivational changes through the career path to become a professional esports player. The first known video game competition took place on October 19, 1972 at Stanford University for the game Spacewar. Therefore, research is not only necessary to identify the main motivations of professional esports players, but also to examine what motivations are most associated with players' aspiration to become professional esports players. Despite its large video game industry, e-sports in Japan are relatively underdeveloped, which is largely attributed to its extensive anti-gaming laws, which prohibit paid professional gaming tournaments.

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